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Happy Christmas from CJS.

Last Weekly of 2010

Ok, what happened to today?

St Petersburg?

Royal Mail delays

It's stopped

Over half a metre and it's still snowing

Royal Mail let down

Almost there

More snow - less electric (again!)


CJS Focus on Wildlife in association with The Wildlife Trusts - now online

Focus on a Weekly

Can I go home now? NO!

November Monthly

BBC News - Royal Mail given permission to raise stamps by up to 5p

Busy, busy


No waxwings - yet

Royal Mail possible strike action looming

Holidays and lurgy

Break out the thermals

Chicken soup

Quango watch

Royal Mail will be privatised

October Monthly

Season of mists

Wet, wet, wet, dry(!), and wet

Facelift continues


CJS Weekly

CJS Monthly

New section

Sunny Friday

CJS Daily Online

Friday the Thirteenth

Focus and show

Busy Weekend

Baby Beavers


Now it's the computers...

Printers, lemurs and birds

Name that lemur

Wet or sunny St Swithin?

Sticky, sticky

CJS Monthly

Another Week..

Weekly again

Friday again

CJS Monthly

Missing website

Sunshine & kites

How was your bank holiday?

At last the end of the week...

It's started...

A new job...

IT update

IT again!

CJS Focus

Another Weekly

CJS Monthly

End of a very long week....

IT - arghh

CJS Weekly

The blog is moving

Weekly rolls round again

This blog has moved