Baby Beavers

The Scottish Beaver Trial and partners are celebrating the sighting of the first beaver kits to be born at Knapdale. See the photos here.
They would be quite at home here in Goathland, it has poured with rain all day Poured might be an understatement, at some points it has been hurled from the sky with great force and in huge quantities. The birds are taking refuge where they can and the garden is looking severely battered.
There's more about the beavers in this week's edition of CJS Weekly which fortunately had just finished printing when the big printer gave out a terrible griding noise (death rattle??), stopped working and starting flashing an electronic spanner at us - another engineer is splashing towards us with a real spanner to affect yet another repair. It is six page this week plus four more of the training calendar for September, you'll find details of 31 new paid posts of which 15 came direct to CJS and the usual mix of volunteer vacancies and general news.