Busy Weekend

It's the Goathland Flower and Vegetable show this weekend.  HB, for her sins, is both secretary and chairman and so has spent the past week in a haze of mad preparations and is now up to her elbows in flour baking, it seems, for the five thousand.  AW spent the morning measuring the height of sunflowers dotted around the parish; it's not been a good year, they've mostly started flowering too early which has stopped the upward growth.  The office dogsbody is also busy in the kitchen.    Yesterday evening was entry night and all committee members were at the Hall to help set up which meant that KH was left on hound puppy watch (and has to do so again tomorrow and therefore gets out of all sorts!) however did manage to make a chocolate cake and a dozen buns for the teas with the vital ingredient of a large dollop of sancerre - for the cook not the cakes!
The rest of the team are doing their best to get out a copy of CJS Weekly which has now gone to print and will be with you on Monday. This week it has the latest edition of cJS Focus which for August 2010 is on Countryside Management which will be available to all online on Monday.  The Weekly is 6 pages with 40 new paid posts of which 34 came direct to cJS yes, you did read that right 85% straight to CJS.
Now where's the duster?  I must polish the onions....