Friday the Thirteenth

Arrived in the CJS office two weeks late!

What a day, mysterious symbols and lines appeared on some page of the website but only in IE8, so that took up the morning whilst we should have been sorting out the Weekly, fortunately it's been quite quiet.
But, (there's always one of those lurking around the corner) : two office machines still have gremlins, one is simply underpowered as the original problem was faulty memory sticks which were replaced with smaller ones, the other one is not responding which we've decided is because of the Bank Holiday and it's gone off to spend the weekend on the otherside of cyberspace. And to cap it all the server DNS went off this morning - no internet and the underpowered machine is the only one with access to switch it back on - ho hum. Isn't technology wonderful??

Any way - one edition of CJS Weekly is now printing and is already online for digital readers, it's a small one with five pages containing 30 new paid posts of which 14 came direct to CJS.