No waxwings - yet

There was a possible sighting but it was seen so briefly that we can't be certain, however, the hedges are full of haws and cotoneaster berries so we're ever hopeful. if you've got a few too many do send some in our direction.
We do have tree sparrows and two nuthatches as regular visitors so we could maybe do a swap?!?

The beginning of the week was wet, dank and dismal but over the last few days it warmed up and the stove is kept banked down and heating is off very odd for the end of October.
Don't forget the clocks go back on Sunday, although if the private members bill succeeds not for much longer - in which case CJS will be awkward and recalcitrant and work to GMT all year!
This week the news has been filled with speculations about the future of the Forestry Commission holdings, find out more on our News section. Read this week's news here.

AW recovered from the lurg and was back at work speedily (as ever, our own personal roadrunner!) and has put together this week's edition which is now online for your all to read. paper copies are printing and will be posted out as usual. This week it's seven pages with 42 new paid posts of which 19 came direct.

If you're into Hallowe'en then Whitby is THE place to be this weekend - it's Goth Week and town is filled with strange sights, people in wonderful costumes and several hearses (crammed with Goths in vintage costumes not the more usual coffins). It's actually a wonderful spectacle, find out more in our local paper The Whitby Gazette, click here.