Season of mists

but no mellow fruitfulness because we've harvested most of it! Still a few crab apples but pretty much everything else has been made into jams, pies, puddings or been frozen.
Today has either foggy or misty but it's really warm, we've not yet lit the stove and the heating has only been on for a few hours on odd days, Met Office says it's going to be a lovely weekend and you might even be able to have a last barbecue so probably heavy rain then! TB has been in Turkey this week and AW is spending the weekend and most of next week doing general household 'stuff' so isn't in the office either. Leaving the rest of the team doing a fairly good Red Queen impression
But that hasn't stopped us getting out the latest edition of CJS Weekly, 6 pages this time, 28 new paid posts of which 19 came direct to CJS.

There is also news of the winners of the BWPA for 2010. This rather wonderful mountain hare by Ben Hall won the Habitat category which is sponsored by CJS.

The overall winner was of a herring gull being battered by the waves. Congratulations to all winners and watch out for details of the touring exhibition - or if you can't wait there's a splendid full colour 'coffee table book' , find details on the Books page of the Classified Directory.