19 November 2010

Focus on a Weekly

It's going to go a little quiet because the blogger-in-chief is having a few days off next week, for some real gardening leave and what's the weather forecast? - heavy scattered showers which may be wintry on high ground (we're over 900 ft above sea level, I think that's high ground here!) Typical. Oh well, looks like I'm going to be getting wet and maybe the dogs won't be getting quite as many nice outing as we'd thought, never mind. I've created a nice little heap of work to keep the office humming whilst I'm getting wet, plenty of sighs when I gave out the latest projects, well I don't want anyone to get bored...
This week the Weekly went reasonably smoothly and has gone to print as normal, it's seven pages this time with 39 new paid posts of which 29 came direct to CJS. This edition also includes the last Focus of 2010 which looks at Wildlife, more details on Monday when it will be freely available to all.