Facelift continues

With a new home page.

We hope you like it - but I'm sure you'll let us know soon enough if not! We'd love to hear what you think - love it or hate it - email, tweet or facebook.

A few more tweeks in the pipeline, if there's anything missing that you think we really should have (or do) then do let us know.

The reliable old Weekly edition is now printing (almost done actually) and will be with you on Monday. This week it's six pages with 21 new paid posts of which 11 came direct. It's all a bit quiet on the job front which after today's quango quashing news is hardly surprising. Instead of a single fascinating feature article this week we've included the all news headlines from the past week so you'll get a good round up of events.

Summer (did we ever really have one?) ended with a bang last night - well early hours of this morning actually - with a huge thunderstorm which rumbled around for 20-30 minutes. Since then it's rained with the odd let up. However, it's still surprisingly warm but those of us with old injuries are muttering quietly about sore bones and joints and office dog Juno is a bit grumpy as her hips creak and crack. What she needs is a pair of fleecy dog shorts to keep her damaged hip warm, not a jumper just for the bottom half - any suggestions?