07 May 2010

End of a very long week....

We're not sure we're any further on with the IT. So many bits don't work, are running at lesser capacity (and capability).... However when AW got an error message which accused her of having "reduced fidelity" it raised the endorphin levels and reduced us all to giggling wrecks - yep one of those days. Despite it all we did manage to get an edition of cJS weekly off to print - a bit late but it went. The digital copy also produced several sighs and much rummaging in help pages but it too is now online and available to read. So we're quite grateful that this edition is rather short at 8 pages with 43 new paid pots of which 26 came direct to CJS.
We had another successful delivery with AW's ewe, Titch, producing twins this week, so lots of lamb later on then.