A new job...

I've just put a job on the website that Hebe and I think we're suited for: Dog Handler (Uist Wader Project) for SNH.
A few days out of the IT chaos and in the fresh air would be wonderful.
15km would be a doddle, not sure about the pack weights though and as for Hebe well, she is very good at listening to commands (and obeying the ones she thinks are important), she's used to livestock, in a village with more sheep than people (but maybe not tourists) you have to be, although she isn't sure about goats - are they strangely shaped wolfhounds to play with or big sheep to be studiously ignored? No decision has yet been reached. We've plenty of experience of waders the curlew being our favourite. Finding things is her raison d'etre (current obsession is an as yet unseen and uncaught rodent behind the wood pile) and fetching them back is even better. However, we're bereft of knowledge of hedgehogs as Goathland doesn't have a single one, we used to have a healthy population but they've just disappeared; other villages down the valley still have hogs but just not us. Any ideas?
So what do you think, how does our application stack up? If you don't hear from us for a while try looking for us on Uist!

Oh, and here's the important update bit: So far so good with the web server, everything is where it should be and no reported absolute horrors, so with luck that's it.