Printers, lemurs and birds

For the fourth time in a little over a week a printer engineer is heading in our direction. To say we're not best pleased would be an understatement. Two visits by engineer number one last week and one visit by his boss on Monday and still it's not right. Let's see what happens after visit number four.

Despite the problems we have managed to send this week's edition to print, it's six pages this week with 32 new paid posts of which 20 came direct to CJS - as usual digital copies are already online and post allowing paper editions will be with you on Monday. Remember the lemurs at Durrell from last week? Well, the bidding to name the twins closed on Tuesday at £1650 - money well, spent Durrell will spend it wisely on their conservation efforts.

We've been watching the birds this week, owl has been a regular visitor to the wires upsetting everyone else. We have lots of young blackbirds, several newly fledged blue tit nests and a handful of young great tits. The tree sparrow family have become regulars too and the young robins are part way through a moult into their adult plumage and look most peculiar with orange breast feathers, adult legs but 'baby' heads. There's a call from BTO for people to remember to feed and water garden birds during the summer, especially in the ground feeders in East Anglia where the ground is rock hard due to a shortage of the wet stuff. More details in the Weekly and also BTO.