Sticky, sticky

Don't know about you, but we're melting.
All the windows are open, the door too and the fan is on full (lots of heavy things are required to keep the paperwork on the desks) but we're still sweltering, there is no air movement at all, the cloud cover is complete and really quite low. Even the birds are quiet and Hebe has stayed in the office - she's normally off rummaging in the undergrowth when the door is open. Added to which we're doing our best to flatten the swarms of flies which seem to be infesting Goathland - and although she's a gun dog Hebs is not really that keen on sudden, unexpected bangs so I'd have thought that would be an added incentive not stay indoors.
Having large printers churning out CJS is not really the best thing on such a sticky day but you would grumble if you didn't get your copy on Monday. Large heaps are building up ready for dispatch and will be collected tomorrow. As usual the digital copy is already online, this week there are eight pages with 68 new paid posts of which 33 came direct to CJS.