Name that lemur

Yes, that's right. Durrell are offering people the chance to bid for the right to name their unexpected arrivals of twin ring-tail lemurs. What would you name them? CJS office ideas have ranged from the mundane bubble and squeak to the esoteric walter1 and walter2 (don't ask...) if you can do better then have a look at Bidding closing at 14:10 on Tuesday 27th.
You can find out more about the lemurs in this week's edition of CJS Weekly which is now printing - in several sections because our big printer is broken and despite two visits the engineers have not fixed it yet. When we have multitudinous heaps we will assemble it and put in the envelopes for collection and all being well it will be with you on Monday as usual. This week it's seven pages with 37 new paid posts of which 20 came direct to CJS.