CJS Weekly

At last an update! The blog has finally moved and is at last accepting updates.
Whilst we've been silenced we've had the first swallows, house martins and swifts, sunshine, showers and this morning hail - so lots of weather too. The first flush of daffodils are over and the first tulips are being to bloom, the meadow that purports to the lawn is need of silaging and everything is growing away strongly.

Last week was a sad one, Cara one of the office dogs (only part-time) was put to sleep after a sudden, short but painful illness. An Irish Wolfhound, as we're discovering, leaves a huge hole - literally - there is suddenly a lot more floor space. The other dogs are missing her and are trying to fill the gap by being even more mischievous than ever and our 'goods inward inspection' is missing a vital sniff.

Meanwhile several copies of CJS Weekly have been produced and the 3 May edition is now printing, this week it's seven pages with 71 new paid posts of which 51 came direct to CJS. Digital copies will be available shortly and paper editions will arrive on Tuesday, Monday being the Bank Holiday. And as it's a Bank Holiday we're trying once again to change the office computer systems. Various machines have been in pieces all week having new bits added / upgraded, the server will be sorted over the weekend and everything will be put back together on Monday. Then on Tuesday we cross our fingers switch it all on and hope against hope that everything works, talks to each other and does as it supposed to. We're preparing ourselves by buying in extra biscuits!