09 April 2010

I like Bank Holidays...

Blissfully quiet - if you don't set foot in the village before sundown - no email, no phone and whole heap of work completed, wonderful I can actually see the bottom of my in tray (well, almost). Once the official Bank Holiday was over and it stopped raining we've had a wonderful week. The first swallow was spotted yesterday as were a couple of peacock butterflies and we've had a report of a cuckoo calling. The garden is drying up and might get weeded at last.
Back in the office a few people managed to find time to send us job adverts meaning that there is a Weekly edition, we did begin to wonder on Wednesday when only one job was received all day!

STOP PRESS: We've just realised that we've left out something rather vital! We'll be right back in a minute...

OK, presses rolling again. our seven page edition is now eight and now has 55 new paid posts of which 34 came direct to CJS. It also includes the one thousandth paid post of the year.

Perhaps we've been a little too laid back this week or maybe the sunshine has just addled our brains.