Easter and a Weekly

It's been a funny week, alternately busy and then quiet - today has been a day of isolation, only two phone calls (from team members) and two emails (also from staff members working remotely). The Weekly was ready for press early and we had to wait for deadline, just in case a hard working ranger somewhere suddenly realised they needed an extra pair of hands. I don't think we've ever before gone to press at one minute past deadline! Now it's all printed and waiting for envelopes, due for collection tomorrow and delivery on Tuesday. Digital subscribers can read their copy online right now, they'll find it's eight pages long containing details of 69 new paid posts of which 56 came direct to CJS. For postal subscribers don't forget the rates changed yesterday afternoon.
The quiet of the bank holiday has allowed us to catch up with all sorts of little jobs and get started on a couple of big ones. However, problems elsewhere mean our big IT upheaval has been postponed for a week or so and will now be completed in stages. We'll let you know what's happening and when, it does mean that the office will have to close for a few hours one day to finish the upgrade and synchronise the systems.

To let the Team have a well earned break the office will be closed on Monday morning but we'll be running a skeleton service on Monday afternoon and back to normal on Tuesday with the April Monthly (it's going to be a small one because everyone is on holiday - I blame St Hilda).