St Petersburg?

All right who moved Goathland to Russia?

TB was sent home yesterday at about 2ish and was one one of the few drivers who managed to make it to their destination.

A sudden unexpected 'dollop' (it's a new local word for vast, unimaginable quantities of snow) cut us off once again, so much so we've actually been mentioned on the BBC national news although their reporter could only get as far as just outside Pickering (about 8 miles from CJS over the moor tops). And I've changed my list for Santa and have requested a dog sled with four huskies, although perhaps a troika might be more practical...

Well, despite the mountainous white stuff the last paper Monthly edition was put together, printed and stuffed into envelopes. This morning it was carried in rucksacks up to the Post Office (snow too deep for heavy sledges) only to receive this missive from RM - "Due to the continued adverse weather along the East Coast of Yorkshire we ask that any mail you have today is taken to Whitby Post Office by 14:00 or Whitby Delivery Office by 15:00. " About as much chance of that as flying to the moon! So it's all in the village Post Office waiting for when the roads finally open and a van can get in. Digital edition is online and being sent by email right now. Read the seventeen pages by clicking here.

So far, so good then.
I'll go and excavate the log pile (trough) now. Keep warm and happy reading.