One for the advertisers this time.

 Another survey opens today but this one is by invitation only.  It's a few years since we last asked advertisers what they thought of CJS and specifically how well a recent advert has performed.  The first batch of invitations is going out this week.  If you receive an email from us we'd be delighted if you could spare us five minutes to tick a few boxes and let us know about your ad; this way we'll able to give fact based advice to other advertisers about where to place adverts (Weekly or Professional) and let them know which adverts perform better than others.  There are options to send us longer feedback and make suggestions if you would like.  Your feedback does make a difference as last year's Reader Survey shows.   As a thank you for your time we're running quarterly draws for amazon vouchers or if you prefer a donation to a charity of your choice.   If you're an advertiser and haven't placed a recent advert but have suggestions please contact us with your thoughts and we'll add them to general feedback for consideration.