Now published: CJS Focus on Volunteering in association with National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces (NFPGS) with Parks Community UK.

The lead article from National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces with Parks Community UK describes how land managers can embrace and work with Friends Groups and community volunteers. They highlight the thousands of thriving local Friends groups and the resources they have to offer. 

Capitalising on the large amount of goodwill directed towards the Dean Castle Country Park during the pandemic. A new recruitment drive targeting Facebook users was implemented. This attracted a new demographic of people who hadn’t thought about countryside volunteering before, but wanted to ‘give something back’ to the Country Park. 

Ally Lemon, now employed by RSPB tells how he developed his career through volunteering. We are all told when we are studying or trying to get into the conservation sector that volunteering and getting practical experience is hugely important, however, something that is not always recognised is that continuing to volunteer once you are in the sector can be hugely valuable as well.

Urban Green Newcastle run through the important role of trustees in setting an organisation’s culture, tone and values. Part of being a trustee is about future-proofing an organisation and ensuring it is prepared for any situation. That’s where trustees’ individual skills and experience really comes into its own. 

Derek Crawley has managed to carry on recording Britain's wild animals during lockdown – working a lot with the Mammal Society, Derek runs through the various ways he has managed to keep volunteering during restrictions.

Chris Raper at The Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity in the Natural History Museum guides us through his experiences of biological recording and the various ways you can get involved. 

We hear from two Education and Engagement Volunteer Trainees with Kent Wildlife Trust: Beth Randall, who following graduation with a BSc in Biological Sciences (Zoology) knew she wanted to work in the conservation sector but was unsure of which area in which to specialise and Nikki Creswell who decided on a career change in to the sector from social care bringing with her transferable skills but needing experience. 

The Association of Volunteer Managers gives some Hints and Tips for Leading and Managing Volunteers in a Pandemic. They can’t give you guidance on what to do, as all situations are different. But they do give you a few hints and tips that might prove useful in your ongoing journey (not challenge) to lead and manage your volunteers well during this global pandemic. 

And finally, we hear about the benefits and challenges of long-term volunteer programmes from a previous Herefordshire Wildlife Trust volunteer who is now in a paid post as a Conservation Volunteer Support Officer. 

This edition also carries voluntary vacancies and adverts for work day opportunities, surveys, organisations and projects. 

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