CJS Vacancies advertised in January

It's been a while since we last did one of these! But here are the job numbers for adverts placed with CJS in January. And you can find the overall job advert numbers for 2020 here, we're analysing the full 2020 dataset and will publish the more in depth breakdowns once completed later this month.


Use the links to see each sector online.
Administration, support and IT: 8 adverts covering all administration and support roles.
Arboriculture: 20 adverts for roles working with and for trees, woodland and in forestry, includes tree nursery.
Community and Volunteers: 16 adverts for projects looking at community involvement and countryside volunteer management.
Countryside:94 adverts for ranger posts, including those in greenspace and urban parks and estate workers. You'll also find vacancies for countryside officers, rural policy makers.
Ecology: 39 adverts for roles covering ecology, biodiversity, mitigation, consultancy roles e.g. Ecological Clerk of Works and advice provision also fieldwork such as bat surveys and EIA.
Environmental and outdoor education: 18 adverts covering interpretation, field work tutors, public engagement, adventure activities instructors also higher and further education roles.
Horticulture: 9 adverts for gardening and plant health vacancies.
Fundraising and Publicity: 7 adverts for public relations, promotion including social media, grant applications and administration and fundraising. This section also includes membership promotion and recruitment roles.
Rights of Way: 8 access and all public rights of way related work advert.
Visitor Management: 8 adverts for  visitor services and management including event management.
Wildlife work and animal care: 18 adverts for wildlife projects dealing with one specific species, working with animals such as wildlife hospital workers. also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture.

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