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Did you count?

Tally chart pinned to the fridge We did, for seven days most of the CJS Team diligently tallied up how much plastic they were throwing away and recycling.   We thought the dogs would account for most of ours but as it turned out they only generated eighteen bits of plastic, we did have a few more pieces than usual as we ran out of big items like salad cream (we use two bottles a year perhaps) and washing up liquid (one bottle a month) but there were plenty of 'regulars': yoghurt pots, bacon tray, trays from fruit and vegetable and their film lids creating a total of 60 for two adults and three dogs.  Carla's little eco-warrior Tracey and her partner had 74, Katie's family of five generated the most with 152; they have recently signed up (on a too good to miss offer) to one of the meal box schemes and the boxes generated a lot, Katie says: "If it had a sauce, there could be 8 tiny packets!" She says of the count: "it was good to do, it’s made me more aware

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