CJS sponsors… the fourth installment!

The fourth of our post survey sponsorships, birds again this week and it's a song thrush with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust this time. 


The song thrush, once a familiar songbird, has sadly declined by 49% in woodlands and by 73% in farmlands. By sponsoring a song thrush you are helping to restore and conserve our local oak-hornbeam woodlands, and a number of other habitats which provide a home for this beautiful, musical bird.

We're lucky enough to have lots of thrushes making their presence known with the lovely liquid song and small heaps of smashed snail shells in the garden, we thought we'd pick it to throw a spotlight on this often overlooked bird. In fact one of our resident birds returned just this week and has been busy stripping the last of the yew berries from the tree right outside my office window.


You can sponsor your own thrush (or other species) with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust here or birds with other county Wildlife Trusts here.


If you missed the survey you can send us your comments, thoughts and feedback at any time, simply email us and as you can see we really do listen and make changes according to what you've suggested.

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