WWF’s work with Sky Ocean Rescue and plans for the future

The ocean is the blue heart of our world, absorbing over 90% of the heat and almost a third of carbon dioxide humans have ever created. It is also the lungs of our system, producing well over half of the world’s oxygen. It’s the largest ecosystem on earth, sustaining millions of jobs, providing food to more than a billion people and is worth trillions of dollars to the global economy. Without our ocean, our planet would be pretty much uninhabitable. Yet, the ocean is suffering and in crisis. We find out what WWF has achieved with Sky Ocean Rescue since the project started in 2018. They say that it is possible to substantially restore the ocean in 30 years and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we act now to reduce key pressures and give the ocean space to breathe. The power of the ocean to bounce back is an inspirational long-term message to accompany the need for transformative change. Find out more here