Make cycling part of the new normal

(Adrian Wills/Cycling UK)
Every year, Cycling UK, the national cycling charity, organises a week-long celebration of all things bike. This time round, #BikeWeekUK which runs from June 6 to 14, has gone virtual. The key theme is health and wellbeing.
Amid all the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis on the health and finances of the nation, with friends and families being cut off from one another, workplaces shutting down and events being cancelled, there is one undoubted positive. All of us have had to reassess our daily routines, and what is truly important. We have had to think about how we travel, and whether our journeys are essential. Many of us have enjoyed the emptiness of the roads as we took our daily permitted exercise. Key workers have been encouraged to avoid public transport and walk or cycle where possible to maintain social distancing. As travel restrictions gradually ease, we have a choice: do we go back to the old ways, or do we seize the opportunity to make some positive changes?
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