Planting trees to help mitigate our carbon.

CJS is an ethical company, we try to deal fairly with all customers both readers and advertisers and try to be as 'environmentally friendly' as possible working to the best practice for sustainability, recycling and waste awareness.
9trees planting in the Elan Valley March 2020
As part of our commitment to keeping a healthy planet and to help with offsetting the carbon generated in producing all the CJS publications and keeping the website online we've signed up to plant trees with 9Trees and here are the first ones being planted, in March just before lock down.  For CJS this is not a one off planting, we've signed up to help care for the trees through their life.
9Trees planted the first trees for the project across two sites in mid-Wales on 13 March. In all 1375 trees were planted in one day, mostly oak, birch, rowan, hawthorn and willow with a small mix of hazel, dogwood and cherry. Trees need some protection too and they also installed 300m of fencing to protect the trees from livestock.

Find out more about 9trees and sign up to plant your own trees here.