Make time for nature – find your forest moment

Mallards Pike Gruffalo orienteering. Credit and ©: Unieed for Forestry England
#WorldEnvironmentDay today, urges us all to make time for nature. To care for ourselves we must care #ForNature.  Wellbeing Project Manager at Forestry England, Ellen Devine, reflects on our time in nature during lockdown and invites us all to find our ‘forest moment’ over the coming weeks and months.
As someone who has always found solace in nature, I’ve relished the opportunity to walk, unrushed by calendar appointments, through the fields, ‘discovering’ footpaths I’ve previously rushed past. For others, nature has been a surprise comfort, a new friend in an otherwise lonely lockdown. During these uncertain times, we have turned to nature for escape, from our homes and our minds, and as a place to exercise. Our time outside has felt precious; we’ve made time for nature, because we’ve needed it, and nature has been there for us. 

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