Squiggle, dot, a line or two and a blocked in area...

It's something we all do - or maybe did.  Children are unencumbered by expectations and will quite happily draw and crayon a million pictures - until the fridge magnets can no longer hold them all pinned to the door.  Somewhere along the line many of us stop drawing or even doodling on a pad when we’re on the phone, during this break in normal activities what better time to give it a go again? If you have any of the older CJS calendars you'll have some of my pen and ink drawings, I've not had time in recent years to do more than a few quick sketches, perhaps I should take my own advice and put pen to paper again.

But if drawing or sketching isn't your thing what about some colouring in? It's one of many accepted mindfulness practices and might help if you're feeling a little on edge and out of sorts.

There are many resources for people of all ages especially now that there are so many online lessons and learning hubs.

Here are two to get you started: