From 11th-17th May, A Focus on Nature is asking twitter followers to share photos of #UnlikelyNature

Nature is everywhere, even in the most unusual places. In these strange times we need to appreciate nature in whatever form it comes. So where do you find your daily dose of #VitaminN? From roadsides, to a crack in a wall, nature can be found anywhere and everywhere. With spring in full swing, we are seeing the natural world bloom around us. But just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the spontaneity and resilience of nature.
Is there a flower growing between pavement slabs that gives you hope?
Have you seen an unlikely visitor in your local area?
Do you have a favourite tree that you walk by everyday?
If you do, we want to hear about it. This campaign is about inspiring hope. Everyone, even those with limited access to green spaces, can enjoy #Unlikely Nature in the most unusual places.
Please share your images of #UnlikelyNature to spread the word (remember to tag @AFONature) Feel free to get creative! We will share each image and create a video of all the submissions at the end of the week.