We've adopted the fastest bird in the air - a peregrine falcon

Another of our adopted birds, the swift may be faster in regular flight but nothing can match the velocity of a stooping peregrine reaching speeds of 242mph as it hurtles to earth.


Adoption is with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, funds raised from Adopt a Peregrine support the Peregrine Watch programme allowing monitoring these majestic birds across the county and provide opportunities for people to discover and be inspired by this iconic species.

This is a personal one for me, we occasionally have a peregrine or two winging their way across the fields but they will forever be associated with my first job at the North York Moors National Park, sitting on the edge of a very deep gorge and watching the falcons swooping and 'playing' with the pigeons below my feet as I munched my lunchtime sandwiches. An incredible memory and an opportunity I'd like to help preserve for others to be able to enjoy as well.

You can sponsor your own peregrine (or other species) with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust here or birds with other county Wildlife Trusts here.

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