Welcome to CJS - here's your Welcome Pack.


Every new subscriber to CJS Weekly receives this bundle of information explaining what's in the publication and how to make the most of their subscription.  There are also contact details for many of the main countryside professional bodies and major charities plus information about our featured charity and from CMA and SCRA, both organisations endorse CJS.  There is a lot of information in the Pack so it's worth taking your time over it and even filing it for future reference.

The first edition as well as the regular weekly publication contains CJS Existing Opportunities, this publication holds every advert that hasn't reached the closing date, the most up to date Training Calendar and all the various snippets of information we've published in CJS Weekly in recent weeks.  All together it's quite a substantial thing to receive.   According to the posting docket for the new postal subscriptions sent out in January the whole bundle weighed 178g - that's a hefty thud on your doormat, I'm glad most people opt for the digital edition!

If you're thinking I don't remember seeing that little lot - of if you're just curious - you can find a copy of the newly rewritten for 2021 pack here.   If having read what's in CJS Weekly you'd like a copy of your own you can sign up here, it's only 50p a week for email, postal is quite a bit more - there's all that paper and printing not to mention the postage to pay for.

(Subscribers: there are links to both the Welcome Pack and Existing Opportunities when you've signed in)