What a week!

Torrential rain interspersed with brilliant, hot sunshine, it's been a bit like living in the rain forest!
We've been relaying messages back and forth this week, first a message on the answerphone for Niall, a mutual acquaintance (and former rent-a-ranger guide) has been awarded an MBE in the Queen's birthday honours, then Niall got a query for CJS (details duly sent onward) and finally in the post this morning a letter addressed to KH but sent to Natural England in Peterborough who very kindly sent it to us, one of the benefits of having an unusual name I suppose. However, we haven't a clue what the author of the letter is going on about so we're a bit of loss as to know what to with it. Perhaps the weekend R'n'R will provide the answer.
Loads of adverts on the website this week, 12 today alone, see Daily Online for more details. So that means it's a quite a large CJS Weekly, 13 pages with 110 new paid posts 70 of which came direct to CJS, that's two thirds with CJS.