Monthly, Weekly and Swords

The June Monthly, after a small hiccup (does nothing ever run smoothly?) was published as usual. Details of the vacancies are freely available online and are in this week's CJS Weekly which is even now rolling off the printers. In addition to details from the Monthly it also contains July's Training Calendar. It's 15 pages plus a further four of training calendar, and a massive 142 new paid posts of which 72 came direct to CJS

In local news the Goathland Plough Stots, our local traditional Long Sword dance team, a lethal variety of morris dancing for those you who haven't come across this before, are worried about the future of their dancing. In the recently passed legislation aimed at reducing knife crime a series of exemptions for carrying 'weapons' in a public place were included, but not one for the ceremonial dancing swords. For more about this see the report in the Whitby Gazette. (AW's husband is one of the senior team.) For more about the Stots see here: