Musical chairs

AW has been complaining, that's a bit strong, perhaps muttering about would be more apt, of a 'numb bum' and having had to sit in her chair I can see why, heaven only knows what she's done to it but the cushioning is as flat as pancake. A series of musical chairs ensued with different chairs being sat in and, yes, two are in need of replacement, one urgently and one in a few months. So two brand new chairs were ordered, surprise, surprise, the existing line is no longer manufactured so afer hours of pouring over different descriptions and options a decision was made, order placed on Monday, chairs arrived on Tuesday.
How many different things can a chair do?
Well seven apparently, requiring four levers and that's not including manoeuvring into position, another afternoon of musical chairs as the settings were made, adjusted and different levers pushed and pulled. I love mine but unfortunately AW doesn't like her new chair (we think it's her back that's skewed and not the chair or perhaps, being of tough Yorkshire stock, she likes the hard chair?), so more musical chairs was called for and she's now on the almost defunct chair whilst we ponder what to do about a replacement.
Despite the party games (and distraction of yellow fluffy balls in SW19(Wimbledon to the non-fanatics)) a new copy of CJS Weekly is now rolling off the printers, this week it's 13 sides containing 105 new paid posts of which 49 came direct to CJS.
Now has rain stopped play again yet….?