Disaster free week and Chelsea photos at last

No disasters or calamities to report this week. Maia has made a full recovery and finished her antibiotic eye drops. It was Hebe's birthday on Monday, the office pup is now an office doglet at one year old but just as crackers this week she has eaten (well chewed up and spat out in lots of bits) a bar of soap so she's been foaming at the mouth but I doubt if she's learnt anything and today she's been at the 'bad beans', into everything mischievous and troublesome. We have managed to get the Chelsea photos on Picasa, they're at: http://picasaweb.google.com/Humphreys.Goathland/Chelsea2008?authkey=9oc27ipTjd4 or click on the album cover (below)

Chelsea 2008

This week's feature article in CJS Weekly is all about the decline of puffin numbers on the Isle of May, a worrying trend. In addition to the fascinating feature there are 82 new paid posts, 31 of which were sent direct to CJS over 10 pages.