Smelly letters

We get lots of post (well most days), sometimes the odd letter is perfumed by someone wearing too much scent but today we got a first. In the heap was a letter from Royal Mail to The Managing Director (that's Hebe in case you're wondering!). The post sat on a desk for nearly an hour whilst we dealt with emails and phone calls and every now and then an odd aroma drifted across the office. Finally post was opened and the letter from RM – phewee, did it reek? Oh yes, of 'sandalwood and floral notes' . After reading it at arms length we deciphered that it was trying to persuade us to send everything special delivery and so it was swiftly removed, out to the wheelie bins, not just the office bin. The smell was so strong AW started sneezing, so we opened a window to try to dissipate the pong but that brought in the pollen and the boss and boss dog (Juno) started sneezing too – hay fever this time. So thanks RM, next time can we have a box of tissues, please?