What a week

Weather warming up a bit but there are still some extensive sheets of ice to catch out the unwary walker - or dog as the younger labrador found out to her cost this morning.
The cold weather has drawn a few bramblings into the garden over the last couple of days. Hope they stay then we can add them to the list for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend. The count could prove somewhat problematic we've tried counting the chaffinches and greenfinches but we can never agree on the number as there are so many and they keep moving - we got an average of 33 and a half chaffinches and 24 and a third greenfinches! Not sure how that will affect the stats. We'll update you next week as to how we got on - or not as the case maybe.
Today's Friday and CJS Weekly has gone to press as normal this week it's 16 pages with 127 jobs, 59 of those direct to CJS.