Happy New Year - CJS is open!

Well, that's it for another year the festivities are over and it's back to 'normal' – whatever that maybe!
The CJS office is once again open but it's been a funny start to the year. It all went wrong before Christmas when our broadband account was 'ceased' without any warning. A large Telecom company (working in Britain – you work it out!) cancelled our account because we changed the contact name for the phone line which means that there was a technical break in our telephone line and you have to have 24 hour continuous service, it's in the very small print and no-one told us that simply changing the name would mean a half second break the service. Anyway countless phone calls and even more menus later a new order was placed, a new account opened and a new connection made just in time for the office to open. However being without contact to the outside world meant that the emails mushroomed over the break and we've dealt with over 400 genuine emails, not including the spam, since we re-connected. Then when we came into the office to start on the backlog two key members of staff had to have time off, one to attend a family funeral 200 miles away and one with a stinker of a cold. But we're back up to full strength now and just about caught up with ourselves.