A new week dawns.

But we're still trying to catch up on the back log! And people keep sending us more adverts, 10+ online so far and more booked for later in the week. Although we did get the Weekly printed and envelopes stuffed in time for collection – you should be reading it by now.
Outside we're battening down the hatches in preparation for the forecast storm. The bird feeders are still covered in birds and after a few days away the marsh tit is back but the long tails have become only occasional visitors and neither of the nuthatches (we have two regulars, one with more 'eyeliner' and a smaller white chin the other with tidier 'eyeliner' and white chin & cheeks) has been seen for about a week. The garden was just drying out and last nights rain has drenched it again, however the new hedges (we've planted another one, this time of hawthorn and field maple) both seem to be standing up well and the hazel is budding up.