Deluges of jobs and water.

Well it’s been a bit of a deluge both inside (jobs wise) and out (rain wise).
The office is struggling under the weight of job adverts, 26 online so far plus three on the Events Diary also the January edition of CJS Monthly. So far the Weekly edition is running at 16 pages and still a small mountain to type, not to mention two & half pages of display adverts (and counting).
Outside we're doing better than lots of other areas with only some flooding, BBC reports that the Whitby to Pickering road is closed due to flooding, and very windy. The birds are having to perform some very impressive acrobatic flying to land on the feeders! The garden outside the office is always rather soggy (having been built where one of the village ponds used to be) but is now a quagmire, I hope the newly planted hazel and cobnut hedge isn't suffering too much.
Oh well, back to the typing. Now, how do you spell countryside? – ah like that…