More jobs and even more birds.

A flurry of jobs to start the week, see Daily Online for the latest.

We did the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch yesterday, gave ourselves headaches trying to count the chaffinches. But anyway here's what we saw – Blackbird 4; Blue Tit 2; Brambling 1; Carrion crow 3; Collard Dove 2; Dunnock 1; Goldfinch 4; Great tit 2; Greenfinch 11; House sparrow 3; Jackdaw 2; Robin 1; Song thrush 1; Woodpigeon 1; Wren 1. Just before we started our hour's counting a family of 7 long-tailed tits visited but they didn't return and during the hour we heard but did not see a Tawny owl. But it got us to thinking, we've not seen any siskins this year, last year we had flocks of them but not a one this year – although the red nut feeder fell apart to be replaced by a green one so perhaps that's why.

Advance warning, on Wednesday (31/1/07) we've having some essential work done to our server so we'll be offline, probably all day. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.