More birthday wishes, from Alan Preece, Senior Warden at Saltwells Nature Reserve and a long time friend of CJS.

Happy birthday CJS! 25 years is a long time and has seen a lot of changes within the Countryside sector.
I first came across CJS 20 years ago when I was volunteering at a local country park. Each Ranger read it eagerly and then us volunteers scoured it looking for the next handful of jobs we would be applying for over the coming week.
Over the following years I’ve subscribed on and off as circumstances have changed and seen CJS increase in scope and quality. Now I am always drawn to the news and grants sections of CJS Professional to help me deliver my various roles in ever shifting circumstances.
When my employer has vacancies I always call for them to be sent to CJS. It is still essential reading for anyone looking to get their foot on the ladder or to move up and onwards.
A few years ago I began as committee member of Countryside Management Association which has had a long and productive partnership with CJS for many years. For a time CJS carried out our admin and also brought fresh eyes and experience which helped us with moving forward as an organisation. They are still key partners and continue to help us to serve the Countryside Management sector.
So much has changed over the last 25 years, but CJS has always played an important and evolving role.
So happy birthday and thank you for all you have achieved both for the individual ranger and the industry as a whole. I’m looking forward to seeing you continue your great work well into the future.“
Alan Preece, Senior Warden, Saltwells Nature Reserve

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