Helpful hints for advertisers

One thing we noticed from the advertisers survey results is that many of the adverts that had lower responses than we would expect for that type of job had a couple of often repeated mistakes:

  • not enough information or conversely too much - job hunters like to be able to see the vital points quickly to know if it's worth reading further, if those are missing or buried in lots of text the ads frequently receive a lower response that we would expect.
  • didn't have web addresses - we assume that readers want to find out more about potential  employers and being in a hurry if there's no link easily visible don't get round to searching. 
  • multiple adverts in one day, sometimes were the third, fourth or even fifth advert for that employer posted within one or two days and frequently all beginning with the same 'boiler-plate' text or worse the same job title - this affects all jobs even our top performing ranger adverts, a fourth Area Ranger for the same employer in quick succession receives lower page views than the first or even second one - space them out if at all possible.

Low prices, new advertisers and slow responses
Our low priced advertising (and recommendations to colleagues from you lovely people) brings lots of new advertisers, many who have rarely, if ever, placed job adverts before and don't know where to start (just ask us!).  A few advertisers, sometimes those with adverts that had low responses,  have asked for more advice about how to advertise, what they can advertise and how to make sure that what they're posting provides all the usual details needed.

Advert basics, things specific to advertising with CJS and suggestions for first time advertisers
As a result of these insights and being the helpful sort of Team that we are we've written some handy hints for advertisers.  You'll find them here.
If you have any questions we've not answered or have any words of wisdom to pass on to fellow advertisers please contact us and we'll add what we can.