CJS 25 year anniversary, birthday wishes from Plantlife, our featured charity in 2017

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Way back in the last century, I earned a living in the commercial world.  I was spending more and more of my leisure time outdoors close to wildlife, an avid birder, enjoying work less and less and finally deciding that a career in nature conservation would be a good move.  But would there ever be a job that suited me?
Countryside Jobs Service, I was told.  It was pretty new then and that’s where I started looking.  My first memory of trying to change career is of learning as much as I could about ecology and habitat management.  My second is searching through CJS ads.  There were some jobs!  Maybe I would see one I might be able to do.  I can’t actually remember where I saw my first conservation job advertised but either CJS or the Yorkshire Post led me to the Wildlife Trust, then to the RSPB and now Plantlife. 
And I haven’t looked back since.  Although now I’ve typed that, I’ve realised it’s not true.  I look back regularly at all that’s happened since I took that new job and the wonderful conservation activity that so many great colleagues and volunteers allowed me to play a small part in.  Nature still faces huge challenges but looking back at the results we’ve all achieved must give us confidence that we can succeed. 
What’s the biggest change over the years?  Well, personally, the birder from the last century was quickly convinced (and rightly so!) than the rest of the natural world was just as intriguing as the avian bits.  Hand lens and moth trap, as well as binoculars, now.  I’m now working for Plantlife, conserving plants and fungi.  We all know where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows. And, across the sector, it’s been really heartening to see rivalry replaced with ever more co-operation and joint projects.  Just as I started writing this, I checked the CJS website and what did I see?  A vacancy in the Back from the Brink team alongside the Plantlife logo.  There’s no better example than England’s biggest species recovery partnership of how we’re working together to do even more for nature. 
And thanks CJS for playing your part as you have for 25 years. 
Michael Krause, Acting Chief Executive Plantlife