CJS News is now on Facebook

Last month we ran a couple of polls on our Jobs Facebook page asking if followers would like to see more of the news.  Yes, they did but not mixed in with the job ads.  As a result we've created a new Facebook page dedicated to the news, unimaginatively but easy to remember we've called it CJS News and you'll find it here: https://www.facebook.com/CJS-News-108552449232736/

Once lots of people have followed, liked and interacted with the page we'll be able to give it a short name but for now we have to use the long one with all the numbers!   We're posting a wide range of news stories, mostly from press releases and blogs all linked back to source and giving you the opportunity to share and comment on the stories.   
The number of updates you see from any one page on your time line per day is quite limited (it varies depending on how often you interact with the page but around 5 seems to be average) we're keeping to the main and interesting stories, to see everything you need to follow us on twitter instead (as well) @CountrysideNews.
We hope you like the new page and enjoy the information we send in your direction - do let us know what you think.