It started with a charm

Last week we gave the collective name of 'Hoard' to our goldfinches, officially a charm but they were so unruly and argumentative a hoard they became.  From there it's escalated...
We now have
  • a squabble of starlings
  • a gluttony of greenfinches
  • a waddle of woodpigeon
  • a roundness of robins
  • a wallop of woodpecker (well, just the one)
  • a soar of swallows
  • a scream of swifts
  • a grumbling of grouse
  • a wireful of wols or as the blackbirds would have it a threatening of tawnies
  • a ball of long-tailed tits
  • a cheerfulness of chaffies (chaffinches)
And a single solitary grey wagtail.  Which is a new bird for us, they have been seen occasionally in and around the village but we've never had wagtails, even the more common pied variety, in the garden before.

We've been busy this week looking at your survey responses.  In all you seem happy with what we're doing but some interesting points have been raised and lots of suggestions made.  We're putting together a list of things to do and one of things to consider.  Details will follow next week; however as a sneak preview here is the top of list:
  1. reduce the cost of CJS Weekly (we were already working on this and announced changes last month)
  2. categorise the online jobs by region - we actually already do this so there will be some changes to make this more obvious.
  3. split up the long list of volunteer adverts - we're looking at ways to break the list down into manageable chunks without making it too messy.
This week's Weekly has gone to press with 39 ads for paid posts plus a further 7 for volunteers on 12 pages.  Work has begun on next week's Professional edition but HB is even further ahead busy inputting the details of around 500 courses to be added to the Training Directory as they're happening next year we've just convinced her computer that's January already.