Over the rainbow.

Are two little kidlings.
Please welcome Mille (on the left) and Ruby the new additions to TB's little holding.  It's taken them a little while but they're settling in, not quite so frightened and coming out to play in the yard.

However, poor little things, they've had quite a lot of weather to contend with! Strong winds, heavy rain, freezing rain, and on Tuesday the first snow - which didn't amount to much. However we have had some quite severe overnight frosts and this weekend we must wrap up the gunnera for the winter, his leaves have finally died down enough to slice off and use as rain hats protecting the central crowns whilst also holding his winter duvet of straw in place.  We've had some stunning skies along with amazing rainbows this week the one above was this morning, we've had quite a few doubles too.

Poor AW's having a rotten day, with me in one corner reliving the 2003 world cup (17-20:  perfect day, now can we do the same at HQ on 31/10/15, perhaps without the heart stopping though?) via RFU's timed tweets and HB in the other corner groaning about this year's ashes.  In case you've not guessed we're sport fanatics whilst AW isn't! And then to compound matters we found today's google doodle and proceeded to battle daleks, without much success but gales of laughter.

And in the midst of all that? Yes, there is a Weekly edition on route, 22 pages this week including the work days and conservation tasks happening in December plus details of all the regular days.  There are 31 ads for paid posts and 9 for volunteers.  Digital editions are now live and the postal copies are being printed.