Good news, good news.

Here's something you don't see every day, we're cutting the cost of CJS Weekly individual* electronic subscriptions.  Yes, still receive the same great package of jobs, news and training information but will pay less.
Unfortunately we can't reduce the cost of paper copies, the raw costs of paper and printing not to mention postage mean that it's at rock bottom already.
These new rates mean that CJS will be cheaper than at any time in its 19 year history. When it was first launched the costs were £1.50 per week or £1 per week for members of our affiliated associations.  Over the years costs crept up and inevitably so did the subscription rate. 
It has always been the aim to get the subscription fee down to less than one pound per week and we've tried as much as possible to keep subscription rates to the bare minimum; with the split between electronic and postal copies we've been able to keep the higher 'publishing' costs limited to those readers who prefer a paper copy.

So why now?
In relative terms the costs of running email and website have come down and as more people read online these costs are spread across a greater number.  We've known for a while that many readers, especially more recently, have found CJS one expense too many and that the weekly outlay is too much and have been looking at ways to reduce that burden.  By splitting individual from group subscriptions for the first time we're able to reduce the rates for individuals.

New rates:
Email less than 10 weeks will be £1.25 per week and for 11 or more weeks the price drops to £1 per week.
Digital online access is even cheaper, for less than 10 weeks it's £1 per week and if you opt for eleven or more it will be just 75p per week.
There will be a new minimum subscription of 4 weeks, this is because banking fees mean it's not worth our while processing any payment less than £4.

When will this happen? From the edition dated 2 December which means any subscription made after 3pm on Thursday 21 November will be at the new rates.

But I've just renewed my subscription or my subscription is due for renewal should I wait?
Don't worry if you already have a subscription we will add four additional weeks for every ten weeks over 15, in other words if you have 15 weeks left on your subscription it will increase it to 19, if you have 25 weeks left it will go up by eight to 33.

* rates are not changing for group access subscriptions, which are classified as any subscription where the access details are used on average five or more times each week.