Weekly update, gremlins back in their cages.

Another Weekly has just gone to print, 17 pages this week including, a week early, part one of the Training Calendar for May.  There are so many courses being run in May that the full calendar is eleven pages long. To keep the edition manageable we've split the May Calendar into two sections, Countryside Management Techniques and Skills in this week's edition and Identification and Field Survey Skills to be included in next week's.  There are the usual jobs too, 46 this week, of which 35 came direct to CJS, and also details of 13+ volunteer placements. 
Our new group mailing software is installed and configured although the Team might not be! We have sent the emails and we believe they've all gone, if for any reason your edition doesn't turn up please contact us.  This week we have also updated the group access subscriptions with new passwords, if you access online copies via a group subscription please contact your group administrator for the new details, the old ones will continue to work for a further two weeks.
Our systems seem to have survived the solar storm of Thursday, all our problems pre-date the sun throwing out flares and can be put down to the usual gremlins which have now been safely corralled back into their cage.
Now please play nicely because I'm away next week and I'm leaving the web and social stuff to the tender mercies of AW and HB, they're quaking slightly at the thought and the questions are flying in thick and fast as they think of new possible problems. One automatic update is scheduled so you won't be completely ignored and abandoned. A brief Friday blog will appear at some point. So that's office dog Hebe and KH signing off for now, keep the Team company in our absence.