Sunny days and a girl called Ivy

Sunny Friday, sunny week all week but the weather forecast says snow (yes, cold white stuff) for next Thursday! Although the overnight frosts have been so hard that some mornings it has looked as if has snowed.  So we're going to enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

We've two notices in Monday's edition of CJS Weekly, the first about the impending subscription rate increase due to the new postal rates, read original post here.  The second about changes to our IT service.
We're starting phase one of our IT / web upgrade and move.  After the problems we had earlier this year we started looking at possible solutions and decided to move two parts of the system, DNS (that's the internet map that tells your computer where the CJS site lives) and email, to different providers; we're still considering whether to move a third backup section. Part one is the DNS and our domain names are going to be moved over the Easter Weekend, including the main one.  Whilst this is happening it's possible that your computer might not find the website. Ideally just refreshing your browser (hit F5 should work) will make your computer find its way to the new location, however, it can take time for internet providers to find the new route so if this doesn't work use  instead - all the same pages just a different name.  Once this is completed we'll move onto phase two which is setting up a new email service at the new location. 
We're a little concerned that the gremlins might have totally destroyed, hidden vital bits of our service or launched them off in an unmanned pod to the further darkest corners of cyberspace.  Anyway they've driven us to move house and we're hoping that unlike the Farndale Hob they don’t come with us - any idea what to reward gremlins with to make sure they stay put?  
Keep tabs on what's going on here.    Or just click on the IT tag on any post or in the cloud.

As well as the notices there are 30 new paid posts of which 19 came direct to CJS and details of 13+ volunteer placements.  Another heavy news week with all the details of the National Planning Policy Framework and reactions from many interested organisations.  TB has been on holiday this week so we're please the jobs load was not as heavy as it has been recently.

Funny story to lighten your day - nothing to do with countryside but it made us chuckle.
CMH, office dogsbody and gopher, came bouncing back from her pottery class this week with this story. Her friend AJ always wears Rive Gauche perfume by Yves Sant Laurent and another friend liked it so much her husband wanted to buy some as a gift so asked AJ what it was and where to get it. With the vital information off he headed, later on AJ got a call from the husband querying the details as the shop didn't have any.  "Of course they do she" retorted "it's a blue box with this writing on it", "Well I can't find it", he replied. "OK, I'm on my way" (she's that sort of person), on arrival at the shop there was the box on the shelf, they took it to the counter where the shop girl said, "well if you'd pronounced it correctly of course I could have found it. It's called Ivy Saint Lawrence." 

And on that note we'll bid you all a good and sunny (fingers crossed) weekend.