IT elves and oodles of news.

You may have noticed that we've been having more IT problems, if you haven't then - phew  and please ignore everything I'm about to type! (until you get to the daffodils anyway)
Since the problems first arose in January we've (well the IT elves) have been working away finding a permanent solution and putting it in place. We hoped our temporary fixes of sealing wax, string and sticky tape would hold until we could actually put the permanent solution in place. We're looking towards Easter when, with the bank holiday it should be reasonably quiet so that any disruption would be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately we ran out of sealing wax and tried to fill the gap with blu-tac but it would appear that the gremlins have a taste for blu-tac and devoured it bringing the email system crashing down around our ears.  A new supply of sealing wax was procured and the blu-tac replaced.  We're held together again for a couple more weeks and phase one of the planned move will go ahead at Easter.  We're putting together more contingency plans and will let you know about those next week and again nearer the time.
Thanks for your patience while we've been fighting the armies of byte devouring gremlins.

It's been a busy news week, this week's Weekly edition has nine pages of news! with details of and reactions to The Budget, the latest round of Red Tape Cutting and  the publication of the report of defra's review of the Habitats and wild birds directive. And next week we're looking forward to the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework, due on Tuesday.

Until then here are some lovely spring daffodils.

The Week's weekly edition has gone to print, digital editions are online and have been emailed.  Reminder to group access subscribers, your password details have now changed, please contact your group administrator.
This week there are 16 pages with 43 new paid posts of which 27 came direct to CJS plus 7 volunteer placements and details of practical work days happening in April.